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About Pest Control Ottawa

When it comes to Pest Control, protecting your home and business is the number one on our list. Locally owned and operated, Pest Patrol has been servicing Ottawa, ON and surrounding areas for over 6 years. With our finest technicians, we offer you simplicity and reliability for a 100% elimination of pests

Every season breeds certain pest attraction to your home, like roaches, spiders, and rodents. Understanding their habitat and nature provides insight on how you can eradicate them from their place of hiding. Sources of food, places to breed and a hideaway to raise their young are key to figuring out pests' nests

With Pest Patrol's eco-friendly program, we offer a team of elite technicians for immediate professional extermination and eradication of pest infestation in your home or business setting

How it Works

First Visit

Pest Patrol's team of specialists first inspect the inside of your home, including basements, crawl spaces and attics. Our technicians move to inspect the outside of your home for a thorough analysis and proper treatment that is well customized to meet the demands of your home or business


Technicians will begin their initial treatment by targeting pests' hiding places, like cracks and crevices. Technicians then move to the main point of entry from the outside of your home or business. Our team of experts thoroughly inspect all potential pest entry points and move to layering down a protective barrier to repel any pest or wildlife from coming in

Follow Up Visit

Pest Patrol's 100% pest eradication centered approach all year round is the key to unlocking all your worries and providing the safety and security you desire. Our team of specialists are there to inspect, analyze and determine ways to defend your home against any potential pest or wildlife occupants

Extra Service

In the case you are stuck at work or an appointment, our technicians will accommodate you accordingly. We send our elite team to treat and take care of your home from the inside out. Our Ottawa Pest Control treatment is a form of defense system that Pest Patrol has developed in order to keep the parameters of your home and business safe and secure.

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Ottawa Pest Control List

If you're looking for prompt, reliable and environmentally friendly pest control services in Ottawa, turn to the leaders at Pest Patrol

The most common pest control issues in Ottawa !!

-> Bed bugs

-> Ants

-> Wasps and bees

-> Spiders

-> Insects

-> Mice

-> Rats

-> Cockroaches

-> Rodents

-> Mosquitoes

-> Centipedes

-> Flees

-> Earwigs

-> House Sparrows

-> Carpet Beetles

-> Sow bugs

Pest Problem Stress

At Pest Patrol, we understand the stress of dealing with pests and the troubles the come with it, however there is no guarantee like our guarantee. We don't settle for a 100%, we go the extra 10% to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services.We believe in staying at the forefront of pest control technology in order to offer you the most effective and efficient service possible at a quick turnaround rate

At Pest Patrol, we understand that problems arise at any time, day or night. That is why we offer emergency, after-hours service to handle your issues immediately. If an emergency service arises and immediate attention is required outside the scheduled contract visits, we will send out our technicians at no extra fee and a follow-up call to guarantee your satisfaction

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