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Ottawa Bed Bugs Extermination

beg bugs extermination ottawa

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are tiny, wingless, brown and oval shaped insects that, like mosquitoes, feed off the blood of animals and humans. Adult bedbugs have flat bodies and are about the size of a rice grain. After feeding, their bodies swell and become red in color

Signs and Symptoms of Bedbug Bites

Unlike mosquitoes, bedbugs have a way of injecting a numbing agent into your bloodstream to keep you asleep as they feed off of you and release an anticoagulant to keep your blood flowing normally. Symptoms typically include itching, swelling, and a straight line of red mark bites on your arm or shoulder

Feeding Habits

Bed Bugs ,seen by the naked eye, get their names from their habitat- beds and mattresses. You can find these insects nearly anywhere from furniture to paper trash. Their biting activity normally occur before dawn. They take 3 minutes to feed and run away to a hiding spot to digest. It's important to note that they can live off weeks without feeding and live for up to 10 months

bed bug life cycle

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Luckily, bedbugs don't usually carry life-threatening illnesses or diseases, but they are definitely just a nuisance to have around. If a secondary infection occurs, usually from scratching the mark bites, apply a local antiseptic lotion or antibiotic cream or ointment. In the event that an allergic reaction occurs, creams with corticosteroids and oral antihistamines are advised. If conditions become more serious and severe, a visit to your family doctor is most needed

Immediate Solutions

Stopping infestation before they hatch can be more difficult than it seems, because once they are inside your home, two bed bugs can lay up to ten eggs in one day. That's why treating bedbugs immediately and professionally can stop and prevent the infestation from becoming widespread

To address your bedbug problems, Pest Patrol provides a well thought out and strategic approach to eliminate any sign of bedbugs, and that includes harbourage and shelter sites. Our process includes treating both the infested and potentially infested areas with a follow-up inspection to ensure the treatment was effective

beg bugs extermination

Long-term Preventative Measures

Pest Patrol is key on educating its clients with strategic ways of effective bed bug removal methods. With our highly trained pest control specialists, we provide you with tips on how to detect bed bugs and of potential hiding places they can reside. Bed bugs are not pests that can be effectively controlled by do-it-yourself means. Unfortunately, unlike pests, bed bugs cannot be removed without professional treatment, but that's why we're here

Why Do You Need Bed Bug Control Program?

Bed bugs infestations can cost your business a great deal, from declined customer retention to a decreased profit margin. Arising complaints from clients can leave you single-handedly penniless if not promptly attended to, and who would want that? Your business is your reputation, there's no need to risk your long late nights when we can send in our team of pest professional in unmarked vehicles and deal with it in a hypersensitive, discrete and effective manner

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Ottawa Bed Bug Treatment

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